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Training & Seminars

Newly introduced policies and procedures require extensive training to ensure smooth execution and clear understanding to all the members of the organization.
Saleh Hussain Consultancy offers training services to companies by:
• Conducting corporate governance awareness/ training session to members of boards and senior management. The training include subjects such as Board Performance Evaluation, conflict of interest policies and social responsibility requirements.
• Participating as speaker in major conferences and seminars dealing with general banking matters, corporate governance, management and leadership.

To review the outstanding debt within companies and assist with preparation of debt restructuring plan in line with the requirements of the business.
To analyze the cost and expenditure in companies and devise plans to save cost efficiently through undertaking close look at:
  • Cost and expenditure review and analysis
  • Activity based costing review and analysis
  • Budget versus actual review and analysis
  • Cost saving plan preparation
To analyze the profitability of companies and ensure that performance within them are aligned and measured. Following tools will be applied:

  • Profitability and performance ratio analysis
  • Profitability analysis by division, industry or product
  • Trend analysis
  • Budget versus actual review and analysis
To study the internal control environment within companies, identify and assess the risks areas and strengthen audit & control. Provide recommendation for improvement in IT support within companies.
To review the manpower resource in companies, make recommendations for improvement and introduction of necessary policies. Areas of analysis will include:
  • Payroll productivity and performance analysis
  • Payroll appraisal procedures
  • Payroll excess and shortage review
To assist companies with writing of necessary policies and procedures and make recommendations for improvement. This will include:
  • Procedure manual preparation
  • Job description preparation
  • Organization chart review
  • Assisting with preparation of authorization matrix

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