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President's Message

Welcome to Saleh Hussain Consultancy website.

I encouraged you to review the information on this site to better understand our offered services. This site contains information on the subject of corporate governance and how our firm can assist you and your company into success.
From the moment we were founded, we have been committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity in dealing with our clients in the region. We are dedicated to assisting Banks and Corporations as far as Corporate Governance is concerned.
Financial crisis is now affecting a good number of major international corporations, thus calls for more attention to Good Corporate Governance Practices.

Saleh Hussain Consultancy is committed in offering sound solutions to Banks and Corporations through enhanced performance and better compliance with the dictates of good governance.
We have provided services to clients in the region, through which we provided advice on writing corporate governance codes, reviewed existing codes, board evaluation and disclosure requirements.
We look forward to winning with you through good Corporate Governance!

Sincerely yours,