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Corporate Governance

The unpredictable and fast change in the way companies are governed is making it important, more than ever before, to ensure that corporate governance practices are changed and updated to cope with the change. Financial Crisis hitting hard good number of major international corporations calls for more attention to the Corporate Governance Practices within these corporations. The role of Shareholders, the Board of Directors and other stakeholders in the governance of any corporation needs to be made clear.

It is the view of our firm that, the more corporations are prepared to have a robust corporate governance procedure, the more they become flexible to deal with the changes in the way they are governed. Our firm would assist companies, as far as Corporate Governance is concerned, by offering the following:


Reviewing existing CG procedures in those companies and suggesting necessary enhancement.


For those companies that do not have CG procedures, assisting them with writing them along with charters of various Board Committees such as Executive, Audit, Nomination, Remuneration and Risk Management committees.


Overseeing the implementation of these procedures.

Awareness Session

Conducting awareness sessions to Board Members, Senior Management and Line Managers.

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