About Us

Saleh Hussain Consultancy is licensed by Ministry of Commerce and Industry under CR NO.68011-1 as a consulting firm offering solutions to Banks and Corporations on the area of Corporate Governance. On outsourcing basis, it offers book-keeping services.

Our detailed services include the following:

  • Assisting Corporations with writing of Corporate Gov
  • ernance Policies, Board Committees’ charters and overseeing the implementation of these policies.
  • Conducting Corporate Governance training and awareness sessions to Corporate Board members and senior management.
  • Providing Bookeeping services to small and medium Enterprises.
Nemo quaerat nam beatae iusto minima vel


We are an Auditing & Consulting firm established to provide clients & community with high quality and professional Services. Our main goal is finding new ways to serve you. We make it our duty to train ourselves and recruit competent specialists in new areas so that we can provide you with the high quality service that you expect.

Nemo quaerat nam beatae iusto minima vel


To be one of the leading auditing and consulting firms in the region in terms of providing professional services, number of employees and number of partners & representatives. We are dedicated to quality. It is through offering our own expertise in various Assurance and Consulting services and maintaining an ongoing system of quality review that we offer you professional services. We are proud to be one of the professional auditing firms in Doha Qatar, and we know that our growth and success are directly linked to our commitment to excellence and professional’s services we provide to our clients.